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Demo video: Different Ingestion methods in Moogsoft Cloud

Different Ingestion Methods in Moogsoft

There are a few different methods for ingesting data into Moogsoft.


The collector is an agent that is deployed on a system you want to monitor. It handles discovery and sourcing metrics data. Then it transmits the data to Moogsoft without the involvement of an additional third-party software product.


These are tool-specific integrations.


These are fully UI-based integrations and include logic to reformat data from third-party software into Moogsoft format without additional configuration.


Push integrations are done via webhook. These consist of instructions for configuring both a third-party monitoring application and Moogsoft to transform data from that application and transmit it to Moogsoft.


Under the push category, we also offer API-based integrations. Events and metrics API pages include a full description of the metric schema and required fields,


as well as auto-generated cURL commands with example JSON events.


You can also build a custom integration.  Choose this option over event APIs if you want to ingest data with different schemas, and specify how to map third-party data to Moogsoft-compatible events.