Monitor RabbitMQ Message Bus Performance

RabbitMQ includes an admin UI that gives performance information about the message bus. By default this is accessible via http://hostname:15672 with credentials moogsoft/m00gs0ft. Check for the following scenarios:

  • Early warning of any system resource issues in the "Nodes" section on the Overview page. For example, file/socket descriptors, Erlang processes, memory and disk space.

  • Build-up of "Ready" messages in a queue - this indicates a message queue is forming. This means that the associated Moogsoft AIOps process is not consuming messages from this queue. It could also point to an orphaned queue that no longer has an associated consumer. This could happen if "message_persistence" has been enabled in system.conf and Moogfarmd and or Tomcat has been reconfigured with a different HA process group name.

See the RabbitMQ docs for information on how to use the admin UI.