A Graze API GET request that returns all the Cookbooks in Moogsoft AIOps.

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Request arguments

Endpoint getCookbooks takes the following request argument:

Endpoint getCookbooks takes no other arguments because this endpoint returns data on all Cookbooks in Moogsoft AIOps.


Endpoint getCookbooks returns the following response:

Successful requests return an array of JSON objects containing the following:



List of JSON Objects

A list of all the Cookbooks in Moogsoft AIOps and all their details.


The following examples demonstrate typical use of endpoint getCookbooks:

Request example

Example cURL request to return all the Cookbooks in Moogsoft AIOps:

curl -X GET -u graze:graze -k -v "https://localhost/graze/v1/getCookbooks"

Response example

Example response returning the details of the "Default Cookbook":

        "recipes": [
        "run_on_startup": null,
        "description": "",
        "moobot": "Cookbook.js",
        "cluster_by": null,
        "cook_for": 900,
        "first_recipe_match_only": true,
        "max_cook_for": null,
        "cook_for_extension": null,
        "name": "Default Cookbook",
        "entropy_threshold": 0,
        "process_output_of": "Alert Workflows",
        "scale_by_severity": false