Feedback is a prototype feature and is not recommended or supported for use in production environments.

Feedback is a clustering algorithm that creates Situations by learns from feedback that users add in the Moogsoft AIOps UI.

You can configure Feedback by training it to identify the type of alerts you want it to cluster into Situations. When Feedback creates a Situation, it creates a neural network or "brain" that remembers the contents of the Situation. You can train each brain by identifying which alerts you want Feedback to include and exclude from Situations.

Feedback learns and unlearns by example, remembering what users identify as Situations and what it should not include in future Situations. For example, if Feedback creates a seed Situation with alerts for a host down error and a database restart error with the same IP address, it also creates a brain for that Situation. If Feedback clusters three new alerts based on this brain and you want to delete one of these alerts from the Situation, this retrains the brain.

The main risk with Feedback is if you provide it with erroneous feedback, the Situations it produces will also be erroneous.

To configure Feedback, see Configure Feedback.