Configure Labs Features

Moogsoft AIOps Labs offers a preview of unreleased features. Navigate to Settings > Labs > Configure to view available Labs features for the current release.

Available Early Access features are:

  • Visualize: Allows administrators and implementers to view the Visualize tab in a Situation Room that shows which process created the Situation, diagrams showing the similarity of the alerts in the Situation, and a list of the alerts in the Situation. See Situation Visualization for details.

  • Workflow Engine: Allows you to define custom workflows for events, alerts and Situations. See Workflow Engine for more information.

  • New Grid: Activate the new grid for Situation and alert lists. It has improved performance, better scrolling, and is easier to use compared to the old grid. Some actions, such as drag and select rows, and copy and paste, behave slightly differently in the new grid.