Configure Data Flow

As an administrator, you can configure the the data flow for events, alerts, and Situations to take advantage of the data processing features within Moogsoft AIOps.

Data Processing Flow describes how your data enters the system as an event and progresses through the system as alert and, later, Situation data in Moogsoft AIOps.

The Workflow Engine lets you apply custom logic to event, alert, and Situation processing within the Moogsoft AIOps UI. You can check conditions against object data, modify object data, and control object routing to meet your data processing requirements.

You can also use the Auto Close feature to define criteria for automatically closing alerts and Situations. This housekeeping feature closes alerts and Situations that no longer require action in a timely manner.

If you upgraded from a previous version, you may have data processing configurations that use the Alert Rules Engine . The Alert Rules Engine lets you define criteria to process alerts according to different Transitions to move these alerts to different Action States. Before you start an implementation with the Alert Rules Engine, see if the Workflow Engine meets your needs.