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Install the Situation Manager Labeler

You can use Situation Manager Labeler commands in Sigalisers to dynamically update Situations and perform other actions. See Create Services With Situation Manager Labeller for an example.

The utility is not included in a standard Moogsoft AIOps installation but you can follow these instructions to download and install it.

Before You Begin

Before you install the Situation Manager Labeler, ensure you have met the following requirements:

  • You have access to your Moogsoft AIOps server and the permissions to install software and edit files.

  • You have permissions to start and stop Moogsoft AIOps services. See Control Moogsoft AIOps Processes for more information.

Install the Situation Manager Labeler

Follow these instructions to download and install the Situation Manager Labeler utility:

  1. Download the Situation Manager Labeler tar file to your Moogsoft AIOps server. Contact Moogsoft Support to obtain the latest files.

  2. Extract the package. For example:

    tar -xf SituationMgrLabeller_v7.0.0.tar
  3. Move the existing Situation Manager Labeler file to create a backup. For example:

    cd $MOOGSOFT_HOME/bots/moobots
    mv SituationManagerLabeller.js OLD_SituationManagerLabeller.js
  4. Copy the extracted Situation Manager Labeler files to Moogsoft AIOps. For example:

    cd tmp/SituationMgrLabeller_v7.0.0
    cp SituationMgrLabeller.js $MOOGSOFT_HOME/bots/moobots
    cp SituationUtility.js $MOOGSOFT_HOME/contrib
    cp BotUtility.js $MOOGSOFT_HOME/contrib
  5. Edit the contents of $MOOGSOFT_HOME/config/moolets/situation_manager.conf to set the Situation Manager Moolet to process Situation Manager Labeler output as follows:

    name                   : "SituationMgr",
    classname               : "CSituationMgr",
    run_on_startup          : true,
    persist_state       : false,
    metric_path_moolet      : false,
    moobot                  : "SituationMgrLabeller.js",
  6. Restart Moogfarmd. See Control Moogsoft AIOps Processes for the commands to start, stop and restart Moogfarmd. For example:

    service moogfarmd restart