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  1. Import your network topology .csv file into the database using the topology builder found at $MOOGSOFT_HOME/bin:

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    ./topology_builder -t <file_name>.csv 

    The topology builder utility uses the source data to build a topology. If there is no pre-existing topology, topology builder records host names in the entity_catalog table. By default topology builder assigns each node to the 'Network' group and the 'Unix servers' competency. See Configuration Management Database for more details. The utility records the topological information in the moog_reference.one_hop_topo and moog_reference.topo_nodes tables. See Import a Topology for more information.

  2. Run the graph analyser from $MOOGSOFT_HOME/bin to calculate the Vertex Entropy for the nodes or "vertices" in your network. This is a one-off calculation:

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    Graph analyser disregards any weight values included in your imported network topology. See Graph Analyser Command Reference.