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Welcome to the documentation portal for Moogsoft AIOps. If you're new to the product see Getting Started

The latest version is Moogsoft AIOps V6.5.0. For information on all releases, see Welcome to Moogsoft AIOps ReleasesDocumentation.

If you launched an instance from AWS Marketplace, see setup steps.

Operator Guide

If you're an operator, see the topics below:

Administrator Guide

If you're an admin, see the topics below:

Integration Guide

Learn how to integrate data sources:

Configuration Guide

Learn how to configure Moogsoft AIOps:

Calibration Guide

Learn how to calibrate Moogsoft AIOps:

Common Topics

Click the links for the most common topics our users search for:

MoogDb V2 | LDAP | Graze API | ServiceNow | Cookbook | HA

SAML | Logging | Nginx | Roles | Sizing | RabbitMQ | Splunk | Archiver


For common questions and answers, visit our community forum, The Herd.

For tutorials and courses, you can sign up at the Moogsoft University.