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Upgrade Notes

Headline Features

Moogsoft AIOps V6.3.1 Edge5th Jan 2018Upgrade: V6.3.0 - V6.3.1 Edge
  • Situations can now be opened in a new browser tab using the new option on the context menu. 
  • New "Config" module can be used to retrieve configuration options set in JSON configuration files.
  • JIRA and Remedy integrations added.
Moogsoft AIOps V6.2.3 Edge3rd Nov 2017Upgrade: V6.2.2 Edge - V6.2.3 Edge
  • Full contents of Situation/Alert fields displayed in tooltips when hovered over with a cursor
  • Further improvements to the new Integrations UI.
Moogsoft AIOps V6.2.2 Edge20th Oct 2017Upgrade: V6.2.1 Edge - V6.2.2 Edge
  • New Integrations UI: Integrations UIv2
Moogsoft AIOps V6.2.1 Edge9th Oct 2017Upgrade: v6.2.0 ESR (or - v6.2.1 Edge
  • A new Sigaliser, Tempus Sigaliser, provides more control over how clustering occurs based on event arrival times.
  • A new Moolet, "Indexer", indexes new/changed Alerts and Situations by listening to Alerts on the message bus from within moogfarmd.
  • Workbench, Dashboards and Settings are now available from tabs along the top bar of the AIOps UI.

Moogsoft AIOps V6.1.5 Edge

10th Aug 2017Upgrade 6.1.4 Edge - 6.1.5 Edge
  • Team insights data can now be explored with two timeframe options - "Last Day" or "Last Week"

Moogsoft AIOps V6.1.4 Edge

27th July 2017Upgrade 6.1.3 Edge - 6.1.4 Edge
  • Add a function to allow an Event/Alert/Situation to be easily evaluated against a filter

Moogsoft AIOps V6.1.3 Edge

14th July 2017Upgrade 6.1.2 Edge - 6.1.3 Edge
  • Upgrade RabbitMQ to 3.6.10
  • Validate epoch for createMaintenanceWindow epoch via Graze

Moogsoft AIOps V6.1.2 Edge

30th June 2017Upgrade 6.1.1 Edge to 6.1.2 Edge
  • Team Situation Insights

Moogsoft AIOps V6.1.1 Edge

16th June 2017V6.1.0_ESR5 - V6.1.1 Edge
  • Synchronize Teams using LDAP

Moogsoft AIOps V6.0.1

19th May 2017Upgrade V6.0.0_ESR4 - V6.0.1_Edge
  • Bulk Addition/Management for Service Filter
  • REST.V2 module can communicate via a proxy and authentication