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The latest version of v6.2.0 is v6.2.0.2 5 and is the version now available. It contains the following improvements and bugfixes compared to bug fixes since v6.2.0.2:

  • MOOG-7586: moog_farmd : "Query leak" - increasing query load from moog_farmd to moogdb
  • MOOG-7629: [ServiceNow] Integration fails to install

It also includes all the improvements and bug fixes included with v6.2.0.2:

  • MOOG-6394 - Situation & Alert Details Dialogs now support copy & paste
  • MOOG-7457 - Maintenance Mode UI : Start and end time columns now show the correct start and end time
  • MOOG-7447 - Advanced URL filters now work
  • MOOG-7455 - LDAP : assignTeam no longer fails if the ldap group name in the roleMap is also in the teamMap
  • MOOG-7454 - LAMs now work in a SAML-enabled deployment
  • INT-2982 - REST Client LAM passive -> active now working
  • MOOG-7448 - Exceptions related to SituationRootCause moolet in moogfarmd log are now fixed