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UPDATE Notifications for alert webhooks

This optional step is Step 5 in the procedure for creating a new outbound webhook.

You can choose to send UPDATE notifications for open tickets in the external system. Updating lets you keep the related items on your external system in sync with Moogsoft Cloud so that changes to alerts or incidents are reflected.

First, set Enable update notifications. Then specify the following:

  • Request method and URL for update operation — Check with the external system to determine the expected request type for updates. POST is the default.

  • URL — The target URL where the webhook should send UPDATE requests.

  • Triggers — Select all the incident or alert updates you want to trigger notifications in the external system, including:

    • Assignee changed

    • Assigned Groups changed

    • Classes changed

    • Description changed

    • Priority changed

    • Services changed

    • Severity increased

    • Status changed

    • Tags changed

    • Total Alerts changed

    • Type changed