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Outbound integrations

Outbound integrations enable you to send data or notifications to tools such as Datadog, Slack, and PagerDuty. Moogsoft Cloud includes a generic outbound webhook that you can use to send data to other tools as appropriate. See also Outbound Integrations API.

This integration is designed to be flexible and generic enough to support any external tool that can ingest JSON objects over HTTP or HTTPS. Each webhook requires the following information:

  • Type — Your webhook can send alerts or incidents.

  • URL — The external endpoint where you want to send your alerts or incidents.

  • Authorization — The autorization data required by the external endpoint.

  • Headers — You need to send data in JSON format, so specify

    Content-type = application/json

  • Body — A JSON object with the alert or incident data you want to send.

    The Body field supports "smart type-ahead" functionality:

    1. Make sure there is a space before the cursor.

    2. Press the dollar sign ($) to open a pop-up menu.

    3. Select the alert or incident field you want to include in the payload.

      You can also enter $alert_url or $incident_url to include a URL in the payload. These URLs open the alert or incident directly in the Moogsoft Cloud UI.