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Linking ServiceNow change requests to Moogsoft Cloud incidents

If the Enable Moogsoft Maintenance Window integration property is enabled, ServiceNow change requests that contain at least one affected CI will automatically update the servicenow_maintenance_windows catalog in Moogsoft Cloud, when the change request moves to implementation. These catalog entries can then be used to do one of the following:

  • Suppress the creation of incidents for matching alerts

  • Tag the alerts so any incidents are enriched with details of related changes


If the Moogsoft UUID property has been set, then any Moogsoft Cloud incident numbers added to the “Moogsoft Incident IDs” field in the “Moogsoft” tab of a ServiceNow change request will:

  • Update the Outbound tab of the Moogsoft Cloud incident with the ServiceNow change number.

  • Create links to the Moogsoft Cloud incidents within the “Moogsoft Incident URLs” field of the ServiceNow change request.

  • Add a note to the change request that records the changes to the linked incidents.

Additionally, you can manually associate ServiceNow changes with details of impacted Moogsoft Cloud incidents from the Moogsoft form in the ServiceNow change request.

If incident IDs are removed from the Moogsoft Incident IDs list, this will update the Moogsoft Cloud incident to remove the change details from the Outbound tab within Moogsoft Cloud.

How to get your UUID

To use this feature, the Moogsoft UUID property must be set. Follow these steps to get your UUID:

  1. Navigate to your Moogsoft Cloud instance.

  2. Within your browser's address bar, highlight and copy the UUID of your instance from the instance URL:<UUID>/welcome

    Example: If the instance URL is, then the UUID of the Moogsoft Cloud instance would be c44669c830b4.

  3. Navigate to your ServiceNow instance. From the top-menu, go to All > Moogsoft Integration > System > Moogsoft Properties.

  4. Enable editing by clicking on the link in the banner at the top of the page. If you do not see a banner, refresh the webpage in your browser.

  5. Paste your UUID into the Moogsoft UUID field.

  6. Save your changes.

The Moogsoft tab should now be visible when you view a ServiceNow change request.