Ingest Source Data

The first step in the setup workflow is to set up your inbound integrations, which connect Express with external monitoring tools and other data sources in your environment. Express can ingest both time series metrics and event notifications from the following sources:

  • Collectors — Installable agents that capture metrics and detect performance anomalies on Linux and Windows servers.

  • You can easily set up inbound integrations with the following tools:

  • Express includes a set of APIs for ingesting data from other sources. You can send data from any tool or service that can POST data in JSON format. The metric and events schemas are both highly generic and flexible. Each schema has a small set of required data fields and support for additional fields.

    • Metrics API — Provides an endpoint where you can post time series metrics from your monitoring services.

    • Events API — Provides an endpoint where you can post event notifications from your monitoring services.

  • Express supports the following inbound integrations: