Inbound integrations support ingestion of “raw” metric and event data from external systems. Outbound integrations support publishing of alert and incident data via webhooks to systems such as Slack. The following integrations are available.

  • Inbound integrations:

    • Collectors — Installable agents that capture metrics and detect performance anomalies on Linux servers.

    • AWS CloudWatch — Allows you to collect metrics and events about your AWS CloudWatch estate.

    • Events API — Ingest event notifications from any tool or service that can publish in the expected JSON format.

    • Metrics API: Provides an endpoint where you can send time series metrics from your monitoring services.

  • Outbound integrations:

    • PagerDuty — Synchronize alerts, incidents, and updates between Express and PagerDuty.

    • Outbound webhook — Publish alert and event notifications to external tools such as Slack.