Validate the Installation

Follow the steps below to validate that the installation was successful.

Validate a high availability installation

Follow these instructions to validate a high availability (HA) installation:

  • Run the Apache Tomcat install validator utility on any UI server where apache-tomcat is installed and running. In a standard HA installation, apache-tomcat is running on the UI 1 and UI 2 servers.

    See Set Up the User Interface Role for HA for more information.

  • For a non-root deployment of Moogsoft Enterprise, run the database validator utility once on any server.

    For an RPM deployment, run the utility on the server with the moogsoft-db package installed.

    See Set Up the Database for HA for more information.

  • Run the install validator utility on any server that has a running Moogsoft Enterprise component.

  • Run the ha_cntl utility on all HA servers before data is ingested into the system to make sure all expected HA components are running successfully.