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Demo video: Use the Create Your Own Integration API to send batch event data into Moogsoft Cloud

In this video, you will learn how to create a custom integration to process multi-event data payloads, use Moogsoft documentation to build sample data to test your integration, and understand the JSON structure of batch event payloads.

For this demo, let's use the Create Your Own Integration ingestion service, which allows you more flexibility over the fields to ingest, as well as the mapping.


Let me show you how it works. Give it a meaningful name, and add a description. Select Events.


Now we have a Moogsoft endpoint, as well as the API Key.  We will need these in order to send over our batch events.


Now open the Moogsoft documentation to pick up an example request. This sample curl command posts two events to Moogsoft.  Grab and paste it in an editor.


To make it work with our instance, add your Moogsoft endpoint and API key.


These are all the variables. We are passing in events...


...which are organized by this key.


There are a variety of elements in the sample code, and one thing we want to make sure of is that the default fields used for deduplication are available. By default, Moogsoft uses the combination of these field values to determine duplicate events, so naturally we want to make sure these fields are included.


Now copy the curl command, and paste it in a terminal.


It successfully came in.


Make sure to enable batch processing, and select the path to the event list.  In this case, it’s events.key.


Next, map the payload fields to the Moogsoft target fields.


Since all the fields used for deduplication are in the example payload, we don’t need to do anything for the deduplication key.


Let’s test.  Success!


Now you know how to process batch events using the Create Your Own Integration API. Thanks for watching!