Demo video: Use ServiceNow with Moogsoft Cloud maintenance windows ►

Here’s our scenario: When an asset is undergoing maintenance, we don’t want it to trigger incidents in Moogsoft. Because even though the data would look anomalous, the cause is known and the effect is temporary.


So we’re going to tie together Configuration Items like these in ServiceNow...


...with dynamic maintenance windows in Moogsoft. Then we can suppress the incidents triggered by the maintenance window, and keep the noise down in our monitoring system.


Let’s see how this works. Our ServiceNow instance has the Moogsoft integration installed. We’ll go to the Moogsoft properties page…


…and verify that the Maintenance Window integration is enabled.


On the Moogsoft side, the integration automation has set up a data catalog.


Right now the catalog is empty because we don’t have any sources in maintenance yet.


The integration has also set up an enrichment workflow.


The workflow checks to see if incoming events are from sources in the maintenance catalog, and tags them if they are.


The ServiceNow integration sets up the catalog and tagging workflow automatically. We just have one task to do on the Moogsoft side. Here’s the correlation engine that assembles  alerts into incidents. We’ll add a filter to exclude alerts from sources in maintenance. Done!


Let’s see this in action. We need to patch this server and reboot it. We’re tracking the change in ServiceNow. When we mark the change as implementing…


…ServiceNow adds an entry to the Moogsoft data catalog.


Here comes an alert from the server. It’s been tagged in maintenance, so it doesn’t generate an incident.


We’ll end the maintenance window in ServiceNow by marking the change for review.


When the maintenance ends in ServiceNow, ServiceNow deletes the maintenance catalog record in Moogsoft.


And now that it is out of maintenance, an alert from the server does trigger a new incident.


To learn more about dynamic maintenance windows in Moogsoft, watch this video. Watch this video for step by step instructions on installing Moogsoft’s ServiceNow integration. Now you know how to use ServiceNow with maintenance windows in Moogsoft Cloud. Thanks for watching!