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Take Additional Actions

You can use the menus and icons at the top of the Situation Room in Moogsoft AIOps to perform additional actions on a Situation.


The Tools menu links to any Client Tools, Generic Server Tools and Situation Server Tools which have been set up by your Administrator. Client tools use Situation and alert data to carry out actions through a specified URL. Generic, Alert and Situation Server Tools allow a user to execute a utility on a remote host.

More Actions

There are a number of actions under the More Actions menu:

Action (Hotkey)


Show details...

This opens the Situation Details pop-up window.

Own (M)

This makes you the owner of the Situation. This also automatically acknowledges the Situation. *

Assign (A)

This allows you to assign the Situation to a user. *


This de-assigns the Situation from a user.


This de-acknowledges the Situation.

Add to Merge...

This adds the Situation to the merge panel (where multiple Situations can be merged). See Merge Situations.


This opens the Situation Rating dialog where you can resolve the Situation.


This opens the Situation Rating dialog where you can close the Situation.


This reopens the Situation if it has been resolved or closed.


* Only users with the correct permissions can 'Own' or 'Assign' a Situation.

Situation Status

The Situation status shows the Situation's workflow journey. The highlighted item furthest to the right indicates the current status. For example, the status for the Situation below is "In Progress":


Click any of the subsequent statuses or actions in the row to change the Situation's status or perform an action.

When Moogsoft AIOps creates a Situation, it is "Opened" by default. Then someone assigns it to a user who acknowledges it. When the user begins work, they update the status to 'In Progress'. When they have solved the issue, they mark it as 'Resolved'. Subsequently, someone can close the issue.

The following table provides full descriptions of all Situation statuses:




The Situation is open but not yet owned or assigned.


The Situation is assigned to a user but not yet acknowledged.

In Progress

The Situation has been acknowledged and is being worked on.


This is an internal status and means that the operator believes they have a resolution to the Situation.


The resolution has been confirmed by the person or system who reported the issue and they are satisfied with the resolution.


The Situation has been merged into a newer Situation. The older Situation adopts the dormant status.