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You can easily configure Moogsoft to send alert or incident notifications to Slack using the Slack API. The following steps describe the workflow.

In Slack:

  1. Go to your Slack app and create a new channel with a descriptive name such as Moogsoft-incidents.

  2. Log in to your organization's Slack site and create a new Slack bot with a descriptive name.

  3. Make sure that the bot is running in the new channel you just created.

  4. Copy/paste the API key for the bot into a text file.

In Moogsoft:

  • Type: Incident (recommended)

  • URL:

  • Authorization:

    • Authorization = Bearer Token

    • Paste the API key for the Slack bot into the field provided.

  • Headers: Add the following key-value pair:

    Content-type = application/json

  • Body: Enter a JSON structure in the following format. You can use incident macros to customize the the "text" description that appears in Slack.

    {"channel":"<destination-slack-channel>", "text" : "incident $description"}

    This field supports "smart look-aheads:"

    1. Make sure there is a space before the cursor.

    2. Press the dollar sign ($) to open a pop-up menu.

    3. Select the alert or incident field you want to include in the payload.

      You can also enter $alert_url or $incident_url to include a URL in the payload. These URLs open the alert or incident directly in the Moogsoft UI.

Watch a video

Watch how to Integrate Moogsoft with Slack.