Send incidents to Datadog

The following steps describe how to send Moogsoft incidents to Datadog.

  1. Go to the Moogsoft UI Data Config > Integrations > Outbound Integrations > Webhook page and set up a new integration as follows:

    • Type = Incident

    • URL =

    • Authorization = No auth

    • Headers = Add the following key-value pairs:

      • DD-API-KEY = Your Datadog API key

      • DD-APPLICATION-KEY = Your Datadog application key

      • Content-type = application/json

    • Body: Enter a JSON structure in the following format. For more information about specific fields, see the Datadog Incidents API documentation.

               "customer_impact_scope":" $services ",

      This field supports "smart-lookaheads:"

      1. Make sure there is a space before the cursor.

      2. Press the dollar sign ($) to open a pop-up menu.

      3. Select the incident field you want to include in the payload.

        You can also enter $incident_url to include a URL in the payload. These URLs open the incident directly in the Moogsoft UI.