Send Alerts to Moogsoft Enterprise

You can easily configure Moogsoft to send alerts to Moogsoft Enterprise and use all of the advanced correlation, notification, and ticketing features in that product. The following steps describe the workflow.

  1. Go to the Moogsoft Enterprise UI > Integrations > Webhook and verify that you have an incoming webhook defined.

  2. Go to the Moogsoft UI Data Config > Integrations > Webhook page and set up a new integration as follows:

    • Type: Alert

    • URL: The URL of the Moogsoft Enterprise webhook

    • Authorization

      • Type: Basic Auth

      • Paste the Base 64 Auth header from the Moogsoft Enterprise webhook into the field provided.

    • Headers: Add the following key-value pair:

      Content-type = application/json

    • Body: Enter a JSON structure in the following format.

      { "severity":"$severity", "custom_info.service":"$service", "manager":"$manager", "agent_time":"$time", "signature":"$dedupe_key", "description":"$description", "external_id":"Moogsoft", "source_id":"$alias", "source":"$source", "type":"$check", "class":"$class" }