Moogsoft Docs

Known Issues

Moogsoft identified the following problems and defects at the time of the Moogsoft AIOps v7.3 release.



Graph Analyser


A process deadlock can occur when the Graph Analyser utility analyzes a large number of topology nodes when executed. As a result, new alerts are not created.

Maintenance Window Manager DST


This issue can occur when configuring a recurring Maintenance Window, when timezone is not explicitly set. If you set the timezone to "use client Timezone", it synchronizes with the system MoogSvr is running on, instead of the client timezone. This can be problematic when the system adjusts for Daylight Savings Time (DST). The adjustment calculator may not be correct for the expected timezone.

Moogsoft advises you to either set an explicit timezone or use the Graze API endpoint/MoogDb method createMaintenanceWindow with an explicit timezone.

Kafka Moobot Module


The Kafka LAM, Integration and Moobot module now support SASL/JAAS authentication. For the Kafka Moobot module, you will need to explicitly define use_sasl and set it to false for upgrades.

To do so, add the following:

use_sasl: false, 
ssl_endpoint_identification_algorithm: "", 
compression_codec: "none"

For example:

var conn = kafka.connect({ 
servers: ["", ""], 
connection_id: "situationMgrKafkaConnection", 
use_ssl: false,
use_sasl: false, 
ssl_endpoint_identification_algorithm: "", 
compression_codec: "none"

This is resolved in Unless you installed 7.3.0 you do not need to make this change.