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Graze API EndPoint Reference

This is a reference list for the Graze API endpoints. Follow the links to see the details of each endpoint.


The following endpoints relate to alerts:


The following endpoints relate to Cookbooks and Recipes:

The following endpoints relate to merge groups:

The following endpoints relate to Tempus:

Dashboards and Reporting

See the Stats API for information on endpoints that provide statistics related to dashboards or reporting.

Processes and Configuration

The following endpoints relate to Moogsoft AIOps processes and configuration:


The following endpoints relate to Situations:

Security Realms

The following endpoints relate to security realms:

  • createSecurityRealm: Creates a new security realm from an Identity Provider (IdP) URL.

  • getSecurityRealm: Returns a JSON object containing the names and configuration details of active security realms.

  • updateSecurityRealm: Updates an existing security realm in the database.

User Management

The following endpoints relate to the management of users, teams and roles:

  • applyNewLicense: Adds a Moogsoft AIOps license via Graze.

  • authenticate: Provides the auth_token required by all other Graze API requests which do not provide the basic authentication header.

  • createTeam: Creates a new team.

  • createUser: Creates a new user.

  • deleteTeam: Deletes a single team.

  • getTeam: Returns a team's details by team ID or name.

  • getTeams: Returns the details of all the teams in Moogsoft AIOps.

  • getTeamsForService: Returns all teams related to the service with the specified ID or name.

  • getTeamSituationIds: Returns the total number of Situations that are assigned to a team, and a list of their Situation IDs.

  • getUserInfo: Returns information about a specified user.

  • getUserRoles: Returns the user's roles from the database.

  • getUsers: Returns a list of all users in the database.

  • getUserTeams: Returns the team names and IDs associated with the specified user ID or username.

  • updateTeam: Updates an existing team.

  • updateUser: Updates an existing user.

Workflow Engine

The following endpoints relate to the Workflow Engine: