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A Graze API GET request that returns details of the default merge group in Moogsoft AIOps.

Clustering algorithms, such as Cookbook and Tempus, use the default values in the default merge group unless you have set up custom merge groups with different values to merge Situations from these clustering algorithms. You can set up merge groups using the UI (see Configure Merge Groups for details) or using the Graze API endpoint addMergeGroup.

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Request arguments

Endpoint getDefaultMergeGroup does not take any request arguments.


Endpoint getDefaultMergeGroup returns the following response:

Successful requests return a JSON object containing the following:






Minimum number of alerts that must be present in a cluster before it can become a Situation in the merge group. Default value is 2.


Floating Point

Percentage of alerts two Situations must share before they are merged for this group. A value between 0 and 1. Default value is 0.7.


The following examples demonstrate typical use of endpoint getDefaultMergeGroup:

Request example

Example cURL request to return the default merge group in Moogsoft AIOps:

curl -G 
-u graze:graze 
-k ""

Response example

Example response returning details of the default merge group in Moogsoft AIOps:

    "alert_threshold": 2,
    "situation_similarity_limit": 0.7