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Distributed HA Installation

The following includes the installation steps for a fully distributed system running with HA, as illustrated in the following diagram.

Note that prior to performing a distributed HA installation, you must complete Pre-installation for Moogsoft AIOps v7.3.x.

To view a list of connectivity ports for a fully distributed HA architecture see Distributed HA system Firewall.


The installation assumes a HA configuration across 2 clusters called Cluster1 and Cluster2.

Note that both Core instances and polling LAMs are part of the same respective Moogsoft AIOps process group since they run in an active / passive configuration with auto-failover enabled.

UI stacks, as well as receiving LAMs, should run as part of two distinct Moogsoft AIOps process groups as both instances in the HA pair are active.

Install a fully distributed HA system

  1. Set up Percona XTRA DB Cluster. See Set Up the Database for HA for more information.

  2. Set up Core 1 and 2 roles. See Set Up the Core Role for HA for more information.

  3. Set up UI 1 and 2 roles. See Set Up the User Interface Role for HA for more information.

  4. Set up LAM 1 and 2 roles. See Install without Caching LAM for more information.

  5. (Optional) set up Caching LAM 1 and 2 roles.

Install a minimally distributed HA system

For any other minimally distributed HA setup, follow the same high level installation steps as described above.

The instructions list the steps for a specific role installation. If you need to collocate multiple roles on the same server according to a minimally distributed installation of your choice, you may need to run multiple sets of instructions on the same server for the corresponding collocated roles. There might be an overlap in terms of steps and if this is the case you only need to perform those steps once. For instance, if you collocate Core 1 and UI 1 roles, you only need to configure HA Proxy once.