Test your deduplication key


This is step 4 in the Define a custom integration workflow.

After you have completed your mappings, scroll down to the Set Your Deduplication Key section. While it is not required, testing your deduplication key before enabling your integration is a good idea.

To reduce noise, Moogsoft Cloud uses a deduplication key to group similar events into alerts. This key is an aggregation of relevant event fields. You can preview the current deduplication and edit the deduplication key as needed. 

By default, Moogsoft Cloud uses the Source, Class, Service, and Check fields to identify events. If you do not map all of these fields, then only the fields in this default set that you have mapped are included in the deduplication key.

NOTE: You can rearrange the order of the fields in the deduplication key. This does not affect deduplication, but changing the order may make the key easier to read the key when it displays in alerts.

  • To test your key, click Test Deduplication Key.

If the key does not pass, make any necessary changes by adding or removing fields and test it again.

NOTE: Customizing deduplication is an advanced feature. Use the recommended fields unless the default deduplication does not meet your needs. See Deduplicate events to reduce noise.