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Customize anomaly detection for individual metrics

Moogsoft Cloud includes a default set of anomaly detection engines and supported metrics. Each supported metric has a set of anomaly-detection settings that you can configure as needed.

Viewing and editing metric settings

You can view and edit metric settings in two places:

  • Navigate to Data Config > Ingestion Services and go to the the integration: collector, CloudWatch, or other integration capable of ingesting metric data. Then click Configuration and drill down to the metric of interest.

  • Navigate to Observe > Metrics, select the metric of interest, and then configure the anomaly detection settings in the data point table on the right.

Before you begin

Before you change the default anomaly detection settings for any specific metric, you should clearly identify and understand the following:

  • The criteria you want to define for normal and anomalous behavior for the metric of interest,

  • The Moogsoft Cloud detection engines and configuration settings, and

  • The effects of changing the default anomaly detection behavior for the metric of interest.

It is also good practice to monitor the affected metric closely after you change the detector to ensure that you are getting the detection behavior you want.