Moogsoft Docs

Check Situation Alerts

You can look at the Situation's associated alerts from the Situation Room by clicking the Alerts tab.


From here you can filter and identify the alerts of interest, typically those with the highest severity or that are impacting services, and then seek a resolution.

View Unique Alerts

You can switch between viewing all alerts and all unique alerts:

  • Click View and then either Show All Alerts or Show Unique Alerts to toggle between which group of alerts you want to display.

Mark Alerts for Probable Root Cause

Follow the steps below to mark individual alerts as a Probable Root Cause (PRC):

  • Click the circular PRC icon to mark an alert as a Probable Root Cause alert.

  • When selected, the PRC icon turns blue. Moogsoft AIOps also reports that PRC feedback is in progress.

  • If there are any alerts you know are not the root cause of the Situation, click the cross icon. This turns red when selected.

  • Click the Save button. The % PRC is indicated by the bars in the PRC column.


    If you do not know the status of an alert do not label it. You do not have to label every alert: PRC is effective with consistent data.

  • Open another Situation and look at the alerts. The PRC column automatically populates with estimated PRC values based on the user feedback.

See Probable Root Cause for more information about how PRC can help you reduce the time it takes to resolve Situations.