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This AIOPs V6.3.0 Beta release is intended for test purposes, feature evaluation, mock upgrade tests etc but is not suitable for the following uses:

  • as part of an upgrade path to the upcoming V6.3.0 GA release
  • It is not supported to upgrade from 6.2.3 → 6.3.0.BETA → 6.3.0.GA
  • in a production environment

See AIOps Releases for a full description of the types of AIOps releases.

The full documentation set for V6.3.0 will be ready in time for the upcoming V6.3.0 GA release and will not be complete in this release.

The following components have been upgraded in this release to the versions listed:

  • MySQL : V5.7.19
  • Nginx : V1.12.2
  • Java : V1.8.0_152
  • RabbitMQ : 3.6.12

Supported upgrade paths for this version (upgrading a production deployment of AIOps to this version is not supported):

  • V6.0.0 → V6.3.0-beta
  • V6.1.0 → V6.3.0-beta
  • V6.2.0 → V6.3.0-beta
  • V6.2.0.2 → V6.3.0-beta
  • V6.2.0.5 → V6.3.0-beta

This release also uses a new tool to upgrade the database and run any 'data migration utilities'. The tool is called moog_db_auto_upgrader.

Install & Upgrade 

To do a fresh install, see  Pre-install RHEL 6 or  Pre-install RHEL 7/CentOS 7. Then follow the instructions for Single Host Installation.

This release is considered an 'Edge' so please ensure the Moogsoft yum repo is configured to point at 'edge' instead of 'esr'.

To upgrade from previous AIOps versions, see the instructions for V6.0.0V6.1.0V6.2.0/V6.2.0.x and V6.2.3 Edge

New Features

KeyRelease Note

Ability to add custom company logo into the AIOps UI

It is now possible to integrate a custom logo/image into the AIOps UI.
The logo can be uploaded via Settings > System > Customization > Interface Settings
The 'Select Custom Logo' section allows users to upload, change or delete the logo as required
Once uploaded, the logo will be displayed next to the Moogsoft logo on the top bar and on the login screen


Tempus Sigaliser

A new Sigaliser called Tempus has been added to AIOps. This has been developed to replace Sigaliser Classic in the future.
This a time-based algorithm which clusters Alerts into Situations based on the similarity of their timestamps. This was added in V6.2.1.


Index Alerts and Situations at run time

In previous versions of AIOps, a utility (moog_indexer) would be run as a cronjob to index new/changed alerts and situations once per minute.

As of 6.2.1, the indexing of alerts and situations is now performed by a new moolet 'Indexer'. The moolet indexes new/changed alerts and situations by listening to alerts on the message bus from within moogfarmd. This was added in V6.2.1.


Tooltips have been added to each field in Situation and Alert Views. These show the complete contents of a cell when hovered over with a cursor so users no longer need to expand each column to read each field. Numeric values do not have tooltips. This was added in V6.2.3


The new Integrations UI now displays information on steps required to configure the various Integrations before they are installed. This was added in V6.2.2.


KeyRelease Note

A beta version of the JDBC LAM has been added. See JDBC LAM for more information.
Please note no Solution Pak is available for this LAM.


A beta version of the Email LAM and its Solution Pak have been added. See Email LAM for more information.


KeyRelease Note

Fixed an issue where Situation and Alert List rows could end up misaligned when zooming in.

MOOG-7784The Notification settings in the Mobile UI have been changed from tickboxes to switch controls to improve usability.
MOOG-7783The Mobile UI now displays a clearer boundary around the input text field when a user is entering a resolving comment for a Situation.
MOOG-7790The Situation Room in the Mobile UI now has a more central button to invite users to Situations managed by the current user.
MOOG-7782The Situation View in the Mobile UI has been updated to change the Situation state from an Icon, to the name of the State the Situation is in.
MOOG-7780The Notification UI on Mobile now displays a worded-button to mark Notifications as 'Read' instead of an icon

The ability to enable or disable the 'Mobile UI' in 'System Adminstration' has been removed now the feature is GA.


The graze servlet will now report how many requests it is processing per minute in a similar manner to moogsvr and moogpoller in catalina.out:

[]:136 +|Graze handled [456] requests in the last [60] seconds.|+

The moogsoft WAR files (moogsvr, moogpoller, toolrunner, graze, and events) no longer bundle the JAR files they depend on, and instead use the ones in $MOOGSOFT_HOME/lib. This change is made possible by a change to apache-tomcat's context.xml.


The number of db_connections specified in $MOOGSOFT_HOME/config/servlets.conf has been set to double that of the priority_db_connections with a value of 50.


The default log level of the events_analyser has been changed to WARN instead of debug which will increase performance in cases where the loglevel was not specified explicitly.


The moogsoft-mooms RPM package no longer requires erlang as a specific dependency since this is handled by the rabbitmq-server dependency which is present.


A new "getSituationActions" moogdb endpoint has been added which returns details on actions applied to the specified situations. These actions are listed under

  • sitn_ids: list of situation ides
  • actions: list of situation actions that are wanted in the output (1 is created)
  • start: positive integer, starting from which row should data be included in results
  • limit: positive integer, limit of number of results

An example moogdb function call:

var situationActions = moogdb.getSituationActions({"sitn_ids" : [1, 2], "start" : 0, "limit" : 10, "actions" : [1, 14]});

The state of the integration will now display on the page as you go through the installation and reconfiguration of the integration


It is now possible to double click any part of a situation in a Situation View to open the Situation Room.
As part of this ticket, the ability to edit a situation description by double-clicking it in a Situation View has been removed.


The default admin user email address has been changed to ''


The integration_installer utility which is used by the script (when passed the -x flag) has been updated to ensure that the integration zips are always extracted even if the integration has already been installed in the DB. This means that if a file used by an integration is lost/deleted, it can be re-added easily.
The command to force the re-extraction requires the -o flag on the integration_installer utility which is the default for the -x command.


The version of RabbitMQ required by AIOps has been increased to V3.6.12. As part of this upgrade we recommend upgrading the erlang package to V20.1.4. See the upgrade documentation for how to achieve this.


The method used by the moog_init scripts to identify if the current user is root has been improved to be faster and more compatible with various shells and environments.


The Situation Status Mini Widget and the Impacted Service indicators used in the Mobile interface have been improved.


The Mailer moobot module has been updated so it will no longer send authentication information to the configured Mail Server if the 'password' field is not specified. e.g.:

mailer.initTransport({server: "yourhostname", port: 25, account:"" });

A new "getSituationActions" graze endpoint has been added which returns details on the actions applied to the specified situations. 


  • required: 
  • sitn_ids: list of situation id's
  • actions: list of situation actions that are wanted in the output (1 is created)
  • start: positive integer, starting from which row should data be included in results
  • limit: positive integer, limit of number of results

An example curl request:

curl -G -u graze:graze -k -v "https://localhost/graze/v1/getSituationActions" --data-urlencode 'sitn_ids=[1, 2, 3]' --data-urlencode 'actions=[1, 14, 30]' --data-urlencode 'limit=3' --data-urlencode 'start=0' 

The version of nginx required by AIOps has been increased to 1.12.2. A new yum repo file is required for online installations and upgrades. Please see the upgrade documentation for more details.


The Workbench, Dashboards, and Settings, pages are now available from the main UI as tabs along the top. This allows for faster switching between different pages within AIOps.


To improve security, and prevent 'framing attacks', nginx now includes the 'X-Frame-Options' header with a value of SAMEORIGIN.


To improve security, nginx now includes the 'Strict-Transport-Security' header.


A new Graze and moogdb module function have been added which allows a user to be updated. The endpoints can take either a 'username' or a 'uid' to identify the user and the rest of the parameters are the same as the existing 'createUser' endpoint. The 'joined' field cannot be updated as part of an updateUser request. 
Example graze/curl request:

curl -X POST -u graze:graze -k -v "https://localhost/graze/v1/updateUser" -H "Content-Type: application/json; charset=UTF-8" -d '{"username" : "johndoe1", "roles" : ["Super User", "Operator"], "password" : "johndoe1", "active" : true, "email" : "", "full_name" : "John Doe", "primary_group" : "Network", "department" : "Support", "joined" : 1494951621, "timezone" : "Europe/London", "contact_num" : "555-1234", "session_expiry" : null, "competencies" : [{"name":"SunOS", "ranking": 40},{"name":"SAP", "ranking": 50},{"name":"EMC", "ranking": 60}], "teams" : ["my team 1","my team 2","my team 3"], "properties" : null}'

Can take username or uid to identify which user to update
Example moogdb code:

var userObj={"username" : "usernameToUpdate", "roles" : ["Manager", "Operator"], "password" : "newpassword", "active" : false, "email" : "", "fullname" : "new full name", "primary_group" : "Applications", "department" : "[Equities, Lvl.08/LDN]", "timezone" : "Europe/London", "contact_num" : "555-12360001", "competencies" : [{"name":"SunOS", "ranking": 10},{"name":"SAP", "ranking": 20},{"name":"EMC", "ranking": 30}], "teams" : ["team1","team2"]};
var result = moogdb.updateUser(userObj);

Changes have been made to a number of database tables (such as adding indexes) in order to improve performance.


Improvements have been made to the moog_archiver to improve reliability and maintainability.


Improvements have been made to a stored procedure which handling changing the category of a situation in order to provide a performance improvement.


The version of MySQL supported by AIOps is now v5.7.19. Clean installs of AIOps 6.2.1 will get 5.7 automatically. Users upgrading to 6.2.1 will need to upgrade mysql as part of the upgrade process.


The version of Java required by AIOps has changed from JDK 1.8.0_121 to JRE 1.8.0_152


The Situation and Alert Details dialogs now support text selection and as a result, copy & paste.


Start TLS is now supported with LDAP for authentication. Enabling it in configuration will encrypt the connection between the Moogsoft AIOps and LDAP Server. That is now possible by uncommenting the "ssl" section, as in the default LDAP Realm configuration in security.conf

There are 3 ways modes of SSL with Start TLS:

  1. Express - no keys or certificates specified. No certificates validation is performed
  2. Custom - LDAP Server certificate specified. The certificate provided in configuration needs to match LDAP Server (depending on LDAP Server configuration)
  3. Custom with Client Authentication - LDAP Server certificate specified and Client certificate and private key specified. If client authentication is enabled on LDAP Server, then the provided Client certificates needs to be valid.

The AlertRootCause and SituationRootCause moolet can now be multi-threaded.
All threads having the same name (AlertRootCause or SituationRootCause) will share the same model and feature extractor.

The number of threads can be configured in moog_farmd.conf by changing the value of "threads' in AlertRootCause and SituationRootCause blocks


The maximum Service name length has been increased to 255 characters. Any existing workarounds to ensure service names are within the old 64 character limit can now be removed (assuming all service names are less than 256 characters).


Exporting from Situation or Alert views now exports only the columns displayed.

  • Date/time values are exported in human readable format, depending on the current user's configured timezone.
  • Columns such as Severity are now exported with the equivalent textual description rather than the numeric scale.

Known issue: Columns with Link Definitions will not export data correctly. This will be fixed in the GA release.

Bug Fixes

KeyRelease Note

An issue where multiple farmds instances caused an issue in parsing UI-created moolet statuses has been resolved.


An issue which meant the 'Impacted For' value in the Mobile UI was empty has been fixed.


An issue which meant that certain events were missing from Alert timelines has been fixed.


Fixed an issue where some integration's icons were not showing in Internet Explorer 11.


An issue which prevented interaction with the AIOps UI in Internet Explorer 11 has been fixed.


An issue which prevented copy and paste support when a hotkey was bound to 'C' has been fixed.


An issue which meant that the new Integrations UI would not display the 'URL' field under certain circumstances has been fixed.


An issue which prevented login after a user session had expired when using SAML has been fixed.


An issue which would prevent the UI from rendering correctly when switching between tabs quickly in the AIOps UI has been fixed.


Exceptions related to 'autocommit' in catalina.out when UI Integrations were used have been fixed.


Fixed an issue where more than one version of the ServiceNow integration was present in upgrade scenarios.


The Housekeeper moolet will no longer calculate metrics for 'Team Insights' if the feature is disabled in the System Administration UI dialog.


An issue which would remove Team Membership from LDAP users on login has been fixed. If the "assignTeams" block is not specified in $MOOGSOFT_HOME/config/security.conf, the user teams will not be altered on login.


An issue which meant that some 'Coming Soon' integrations were in the wrong section of the new Integration UI in upgrade scenarios has been fixed.


The Situation and Alert filters are now always alphabetically sorted in the left hand navigation apart from My/Open Situations/Alerts which are always at the top.


Additional validation has been added to the updateTeam graze endpoint on the name field.


The moogsoft-db package now also requires the mysql-community-common package to reduce the chance of version conflicts from the yum repository.


An issue which meant that installing the ServiceNow UI integration would not complete successfully has been fixed.


An issue which meant certain installed Integration fields would not be populated in the UI has been fixed.


An issue which prevented filters from loading in the UI when a custom_info column was deleted has been fixed.


An issue which meant that a hidden UI Cookbook setting prevented moogfarmd from expiring closed/superseded in-memory situations has been fixed.


An issue which meant that moogfarmd would repeatedly attempt to close situations (which had a performance impact) has been fixed.


An issue which prevented phone numbers from being recognised in the AIOPs UI has been fixed.


An issue which meant that recurring maintenance windows would not always update correctly and recur, has been fixed.


The graze and moogDb createUser and updateUser endpoints will accept full_name and fullname parameters.
However, "full_name" is now deprecated and will be removed from 6.4.0.


The moolet-based Indexer now reports elastic connectivity errors more gracefully.


The utility no longer reports differences in whitespace when comparing the expected 'clean' schema to the upgraded one.


A number of the AIOps database tables have been updated to ensure a DEFAULT value is explicitly defined in relevant columns to allow the utility to work correctly when a user has upgraded from MySQL 5.6 to MySQL 5.7.


The moolet-based Indexer now correctly indexes Situations and Alerts if a team definition is updated when in 'Private Teams mode'.


An issue which meant that the horizontal scrollbar was not always present in Situation and Alert views has been fixed.


AIOps now supports usernames, fullnames and email addresses up to 255 characters long.


To improve security, the following flags have been added to the apache-tomcat endpoints in the Nginx confguration file:

  • add_header Cache-Control no-store;
  • add_header Pragma no-cache;

This fixes a bug where the landing page was not recognised when creating a team via Graze. This also meant that when you tried to edit the team, there was a missing required field on the second tab that prevented the form from being saved until it was fixed.


An issue which meant that multiple calls to the graze endpoint 'createThread' with the same thread name would appear as duplicate threads in the UI has been fixed.


An issue which meant that it was not possible to scroll in the AIOps mobile UI on iPhones has been fixed.


An issue which meant that the start and end time for Maintenance Windows was not correct in the UI has been fixed.


An issue which meant that if an LDAP group name was used in both the roleMap and the teamMap, the user would not be assigned to the team has been fixed.


An issue which meant that LAMs which use Basic AUTH to connect to a SAML-enabled environment would not start has been fixed.


An issue which meant that advanced URL filters would not load the correct results has been fixed.


An issue which meant that the Situation Room tabs would not display in the correct theme when selected with the keyboard has been fixed.


An issue in which messages might have been handled in the wrong order after HA handover was fixed.


An issue which meant that the AIOps mobile UI menu would occasionally close when it was scrolled has been fixed.


An issue where certain scripts would report an error when attempting to kill a non-existent process has been fixed.

Known Issues

Known issues with functionality in this release:

  • Creating an integration to have a name which matches the default name provided without any numbers (e.g. 'ServiceNow' causes an exception in the moogfarmd.log file and prevents event processing. This will be fixed in the GA release of 6.3.0.

Release Date


 Click the link to download the PDF version of these release notes.

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