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Install & Upgrade 

To do a fresh install, see Pre-install RHEL 6 or Pre-install RHEL 7/CentOS 7. Then follow the instructions for Single Host Installation.

To upgrade, see Upgrade: V6.2.2 Edge - V6.2.3 Edge. For more information about upgrading for ESR and Edge releases see AIOps Releases.

New Features

KeyRelease Note

Tooltips have been added to each field in Situation and Alert Views. These show the complete contents of a cell when hovered over with a cursor so users no longer need to expand each column to read each field. Numeric values do not have tooltips.


The new Integrations UI now displays information on steps required to configure the various Integrations before they are installed.


KeyRelease Note

It is now possible to double-click any part of a situation in a Situation View to open the Situation Room.
As part of this ticket, the ability to edit a situation description by double-clicking it in a Situation View has been removed.


The Mailer moobot module has been updated so it no longer send authentication information to the configured Mail Server if the 'password' field is not specified. e.g.:

mailer.initTransport({server: "yourhostname", port: 25, account:"" });

To improve security and prevent 'framing attacks', Nginx now includes the 'X-Frame-Options' header with a value of SAMEORIGIN.


The AlertRootCause and SituationRootCause moolet can now be multi-threaded.
All threads having the same name (AlertRootCause or SituationRootCause) will share the same model and feature extractor.

The number of threads can be configured in moog_farmd.conf by changing the value of "threads' in AlertRootCause and SituationRootCause blocks.

Bug Fixes

KeyRelease Note

An issue which meant that certain events were missing from Alert timelines has been fixed.


An issue which prevented interaction with the AIOps UI in Internet Explorer 11 has been fixed.


An issue which prevented copy and paste support when a hotkey was bound to 'C' has been fixed.


An issue which meant that the new Integrations UI would not display the 'URL' field under certain circumstances has been fixed.


An issue which would prevent the UI from rendering correctly when switching between tabs quickly in the AIOps UI has been fixed.


Exceptions related to 'autocommit' in catalina.out when UI Integrations were used have been fixed.


Fixed an issue where more than one version of the ServiceNow integration was present in upgrade scenarios.


The Housekeeper moolet will no longer calculate metrics for 'Team Insights' if the feature is disabled in the System Administration UI dialog.


An issue which would remove Team Membership from LDAP users on login has been fixed. If the "assignTeams" block is not specified in $MOOGSOFT_HOME/config/security.conf, the user teams will not be altered on login.


An issue which meant that some 'Coming Soon' integrations were in the wrong section of the new Integration UI in upgrade scenarios has been fixed.


An issue which meant certain installed Integration fields would not be populated in the UI has been fixed.


An issue which prevented phone numbers from being recognised in the AIOPs UI has been fixed.


An issue which meant that recurring maintenance windows would not always update correctly and recur, has been fixed.


An issue which meant that the horizontal scrollbar was not always present in Situation and Alert views has been fixed.

Known Issues

Known issues with functionality in this release:

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Release Date


 Click the link to download the PDF version of these release notes.

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