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Release Considerations

The following changes should be taken into consideration for this release:

  • The supported database version has been upgraded to MySQL 5.7.19. Please see the linked child pages for the updated 'Pre-Install' guides needed to support this.
  • This is the version of MySQL which will be standard in the upcoming ESR (6.3.0)

Install & Upgrade 

Installation and upgrade instructions are available on the linked child pages.

See Pre-install RHEL 6Pre-install RHEL 7/CentOS 7 and Upgrade: v6.2.0 ESR (or - v6.2.1 Edge

Please note: We only recommend upgrading an Edge release incrementally to another Edge release

New Features

KeyRelease Note

Tempus Sigaliser (Sigaliser Classic v2)

A new Sigaliser called 'Tempus' has been added to AIOps v6.2.1.
This sigaliser is intended to replace 'Sigaliser' classic, so users who wish to use Tempus should use it instead of 'Sigaliser'.

Tempus provides more control over how clustering occurs based on event arrival times. The new configuration options for Tempus specifically in moog_farmd.conf are below:

# Sigalising Window
window_size       : 1200,   # seconds => 20 minutes
bucket_size       : 5,      # seconds : Take Care if changing - Tempus is designed to use small bucket sizes
arrival_spread    : 15,     # seconds : acceptable latency/arrival window for each event

# Sigalising Algorithm, valid options:
#   "Louvain"
#   "LouvainMulti"
#   "SmartLocal"
detection_algorithm : "Louvain",

# hidden config
#random_starts       : 5,
#max_iterations      : 10,

# Include edge weights in clustering algo or not.
edge_weight       : false,

# How similar must alerts be to be considered for clustering?
#min_arrival_similarity : 0.6667,

New settings and changed settings:

  • window: This value is now in seconds (the default is 20 minutes)
  • arrival_spread: This setting provides more flexibility in clustering event arrival times based on potential latency and the bucket they arrive in. For example, an arrival_spread of 15 would mean the event will also be considered to have arrived in buckets within 7.5 seconds earlier and buckets 7.5 seconds later than the actual bucket the agent_time falls into.
  • min_arrival_similarity: The amount of overlap for alert buckets needed within the window for the alerts to be considered for clustering.

Like the classic 'Sigaliser', Tempus is not set to run_on_startup. If this is desired, moog_farmd.conf will need to be updated to enable this.

Tempus can be run alongside other Sigalisers such as Speedbird, Cookbook etc.

It is not recommended to change the following properties from their defaults:

  • random_starts
  • max_iterations
  • time_compression

Certain properties work exactly the same as before: sig_interval, max_backlog, entropy_threshold, pre_partition, partition_by, etc

The 'Sigaliser' classic has not been removed but it will be in an upcoming release.


Index Alerts and Situations at run time

In previous versions of AIOps, a utility (moog_indexer) would be run as a cronjob to index new/changed alerts and situations once per minute.

As of 6.2.1, the indexing of alerts and situations is now performed by a new moolet 'Indexer'.
The moolet indexes new/changed alerts and situations by listening to alerts on the message bus from within moogfarmd. The advantage of this is that there is a shorter delay before alerts and situations become searchable. Also, the lack of a cronjob simplifies the indexing setup process.

The moolet contains the following configuration values in moog_farmd.conf which allow users to configure the moolet as desired:

# Set to false to disable private teams indexing.
enable_private_teams: false,

# Maximal full scan batch size
full_scan_batch_size: 1000,

# How many seconds to wait between batches (0 not to wait)
full_scan_wait: 0,

# When to run the full scan (HH:mm:ss) leave empty to disable full scan (HH:mm:ss)
full_scan_at: "02:12:35",

# Do we want to run full scan when the moolet starts?
full_scan_at_startup: false

The full_scan_at field allows the moolet to ensure the accuracy of search data once per day by performing a full re-index. If this key is removed completely, the scheduled full re-index will not occur.
If the 'Private Teams' feature is being used in a deployment, the enabled_private_teams setting needs to be set to 'true'.

Along with the moolet itself, the moog_indexer utility is still present but it behaves differently to previous releases. Here are the command-line options

MoogSoft moog_indexer: Utility to request a full scan
 -h,--help             Print this message
 -i,--in <arg>         Schedule full index to run in a few hours
 -l,--loglevel <arg>   Specify (INFO|WARN|ALL) to choose the amount of
                       debug output
 -n,--now              Run full index now
 -r,--report           Request report from on the last performed full scan
  • The moog_indexer utility requires that moog_farmd is running (and contains a running Indexer moolet).
  • The -i argument allows a user to schedule a full index in a number of hours (decimal values accepted)
  • The -n argument allows a user to schedule a full index immediately
  • The -r argument allows a user to see the status of previous runs (within the lifetime of the moogfarmd process) and any runs still in progress. If moog_farmd is restarted, the -r argument will not return any data.
    • Example output:
      [root@myhost home]# moog_indexer -r
      Got report:
      	05/10/17 13:43:06 - Starting full scan
      	05/10/17 13:43:06 - Scanning for alerts
      	05/10/17 13:43:07 - Scanned: [177] alerts
      	05/10/17 13:43:07 - Scanning for situations
      	05/10/17 13:43:07 - Scanned: [44] situations
      	05/10/17 13:43:07 - Full scan complete
      	05/10/17 13:43:22 - Starting full scan
      	05/10/17 13:43:22 - Scanning for alerts
      	05/10/17 13:43:22 - Scanned: [204] alerts
      	05/10/17 13:43:22 - Scanning for situations
      	05/10/17 13:43:23 - Scanned: [55] situations
      	05/10/17 13:43:23 - Full scan complete

Users performing an upgrade to 6.2.1 from any previous version of AIOps should remove/disable the crontab jobs for the old moog_indexer utility.

New Integrations

KeyRelease Note

A beta version of the JDBC LAM has been added. See JDBC LAM for more information.

Please note: There is no Solution Pak is available for this LAM.


A beta version of the Email LAM and its Solution Pak have been added. See Email LAM for more information.


KeyRelease Note

The integration_installer utility which is used by the script (when passed the -x flag) has been updated to ensure that the integration zips are always extracted even if the integration has already been installed in the DB. This means that if a file used by an integration is lost/deleted, it can be re-added easily.
The command to force the re-extraction requires the -o flag on the integration_installer utility which is the default for the -x command.


The Situation Status Mini Widget and the Impacted Service indicators used in the Mobile interface have been improved.


A new "getSituationActions" graze endpoint has been added which returns details on the actions applied to the specified situations. These actions are listed under Situation Action Codes.


  • required: 
  • sitn_ids: list of situation ides
  • actions: list of situation actions that are wanted in the output (1 is created)
  • start: positive integer, starting from which row should data be included in results
  • limit: positive integer, limit of number of results

An example curl request:

curl -G -u graze:graze -k -v "https://localhost/graze/v1/getSituationActions" --data-urlencode 'sitn_ids=[1, 2, 3]' --data-urlencode 'actions=[1, 14, 30]' --data-urlencode 'limit=3' --data-urlencode 'start=0'

The Workbench, Dashboards, and Settings, pages are now available from the main UI as tabs along the top. This allows for faster switching between different pages within AIOps.


The version of MySQL supported by AIOps is now v5.7.19. Clean installs of AIOps 6.2.1 will get 5.7 automatically. Users upgrading to 6.2.1 will need to upgrade mysql as part of the upgrade process.


The Situation and Alert Details dialogs now support text selection and as a result, copy & paste.


Start TLS is now supported with LDAP for authentication. Enabling it in configuration will encrypt the connection between the Moogsoft AIOps and LDAP Server. That is now possible by uncommenting the "ssl" section, as in the default LDAP Realm configuration in security.conf

There are 3 ways modes of SSL with Start TLS:

  1. Express - no keys or certificates specified. No certificates validation is performed
  2. Custom - LDAP Server certificate specified. The certificate provided in configuration needs to match LDAP Server (depending on LDAP Server configuration)
  3. Custom with Client Authentication - LDAP Server certificate specified and Client certificate and private key specified. If client authentication is enabled on LDAP Server, then the provided Client certificates needs to be valid.

The maximum Service name length has been increased to 255 characters. Any existing workarounds to ensure service names are within the old 64 character limit can now be removed (assuming all service names are less than 256 characters).

Bug Fixes

KeyRelease Note

The SSH link was mistakenly removed. It has now been restored.


This fixes a bug where the landing page was not recognised when creating a team via graze. This also meant that when you tried to edit the team, there was a missing required field on the second tab that prevented the form from being saved until it was fixed.


An issue which meant that multiple calls to the graze endpoint 'createThread' with the same thread name would appear as duplicate threads in the UI has been fixed.


An issue which meant that it was not possible to scroll in the AIOps mobile UI on iPhones has been fixed.


An issue which meant that the start and end time for Maintenance Windows was not correct in the UI has been fixed.


An issue which meant that if an LDAP group name was used in both the roleMap and the teamMap, the user would not be assigned to the Team has been fixed.


An issue which meant that LAMs which use Basic AUTH to connect to a SAML-enabled environment would not start has been fixed.


An issue which meant that advanced URL filters would not load the correct results has been fixed.


An issue which meant that the Situation Room tabs would not display in the correct theme when selected with the keyboard has been fixed.


An issue in which messages might have been handled in the wrong order after HA handover was fixed.


An issue which meant that the AIOps mobile UI menu would occasionally close when it was scrolled has been fixed.

Known Issues

Known issues with functionality in this release:

  • The new moolet-based Indexer does not update search results if Teams are updated when in 'Private Teams' mode (all_data permission removed from a role). The workaround is that if the Team definitions are changed, a full re-index needs to be performed using moog_indexer -n).

Release Date


Click the link to download the PDF version of these release notes.

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