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New Features 

[MOOG-6991] - Team Insights: Timeframe Granularity Controls

Team insights data can now be explored with two timeframe options - "Last Day" or "Last Week".

See Moog-Docs: Team Rooms

Foundation for ESR

Foundation work for PRC and Mobile continue in preparation for the upcoming ESR release in September.


Probable Root Cause is an AIOps machine learning process that helps to identify which Alerts are root causes of a Situation. Ongoing work towards productization is progressing: making sure background assignments operate with maximum efficiency and use fewer machine resources (thus speeding-up the entire process of identifying root causes), performance testing, and, enabling from the UI.


Mobile AIOps is an optimized experience for a Team or User to view Situations, receive notifications, perform key actions, and, to engage with others while they are on the go...


[MOOG-5293] - Improve management of session cookie

The cookie used to track a user's session on the front-end is now managed on the server-side.

  • The cookie is no longer available to the client-side application
  • The cookie will only be sent over HTTPS
  • The cookie is not sent to any third party (cross-origin requests)

There is no change to Graze authentication.

[MOOG-6366] - Remove the configdiff functionality from the init scripts

The configdiff utility in the script ( has been removed. Merging any changes can be done as follows:

'.rpmsave' versions of files will need to be manually merged/compared with the new versions of those files (any new properties should be added to the older versions of the files).

An example of the process to do this:

  • Rename the new versions of the files (without the .rpmsave extension) to end with '.bak'
  • Merge the .rpmsave file with the new '.bak' file by adding new properties/config where needed so the structure matches the new version of the file
  • Rename the .rpmsave file to delete the '.rpmsave' extension

See the upgrade doc

[MOOG-6999] - Moolet shutdown twice on moog_farmd kill

An issue that caused moog_farmd to shutdown moolets more than once has been corrected.

[MOOG-7135] - [UI] Search results for Situation and Alert visual inconsistencies

Visual inconsistencies with search results for Situations and Alerts have been fixed.


[MOOG-6824] - Function call added to script

Missing function call added to the script to ensure necessary environment variables are included.

[MOOG-6285] - [UI] 'Set Default' button removed from Situation/Alert Filter

The 'Set Default' button at the bottom of the Situation and Alert Filter screens was no longer required so was removed.

[MOOG-6889] - Fix to timestamp issue

An issue that resulted in some timestamps appearing in the UI with a future date e.g. "in a few seconds"  has been fixed. These times are now displayed as "a few seconds ago".

[MOOG-6958] - deleteMaintenanceWindow generates exception stack trace in catalina.out when deleting an already deleted window

An issue with deleteMaintenanceWindow that caused an exception stack trace in catalina.out has been fixed.

[MOOG-7088] - Maintenance Window creation fails if event fields are used in filter

An issue that caused a maintenance window creation to fail has been fixed by removing event fields in filter builder.

[MOOG-7157] - [UI] UTF-8 encoding not applied to UI

An issue that caused inconsistent rendering of special characters in empty fields in grids has been fixed.

[MOOG-7091] - Moogdb endpoint consistency

An inconsistency with the Graze API for Sitn_Ids has been fixed. The Moogdb endpoints which have been modified are:

  • getTeamSituationIds
  • getActiveSituationIds
  • getSituationIds

They are now returning sitn_id rather than sit_id for consistency.

Upgrade Instructions

Known Issues

Known issues with functionality in this release:

  • [MOOG-4616] - [SERVER] After rotation of the target logfile, the logfile_lam stops reading the target
  • [MOOG-5552] - [UI] Self monitoring tree-view occasional render issue

Release Date


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