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New Features 

[MOOG-6738] [BETA] - Team Insights

Team Insights is available on the Moogsoft AIOps Team Room page and shows Situation data and Situation Severity data from up to the last seven days.

This feature is enabled by default but can be disabled in System Settings → Configure Labs entries 

For more information, see: Team Rooms


[MOOG-6809] -  Display Team based Service features based on Team Situations

An improvement has been made which ensures that the Service features of the Workbench are available to customers who do not use the Team Service Filter feature introduced in V6.

If the Team's Services Filter is not used/populated, any Service impacted by Situations assigned to your Team will be displayed in the 'Services Overview' on the Summary Page and 'Services Impacted' in the left navigation menu.

[MOOG-6723] - Graze endpoints that accept filters as parameters now accept SQL-like conditions

You can now use SQL-like filter conditions similar to URL or Cookbook filters instead of JSON formatted filters in the following Graze endpoints:

  • getAlertIds
    • Example curl request to get the first 20 alert_ids with query: agent != SYSLOG AND description matches 'AUTH-SERVICE':

      curl -G -u graze:graze -k -v "https://localhost/graze/v1/getAlertIds" \
      --data-urlencode 'query=agent!=SYSLOG and description matches "AUTH-SERVICE"' --data-urlencode 'limit=20'
  • getSituationIds
    • Example curl request to get the first 20 situation_ids with query: description = 'test1' OR queue = 5:

      curl -G -u graze:graze -k -v "https://localhost/graze/v1/getSituationIds" \
      --data-urlencode 'query=description="test1" or queue = 5' --data-urlencode 'limit=20'
  • createMaintenanceWindow
    • The 'filter' parameter now accepts a string (SQL-format filter) instead of an object (old style JSON-format filter)
    • Example curl request to create a window with filter: source = 'server1' AND external_id IN ('value1', 'value2', 'value3'):

      curl -X POST -u graze:graze -k -v "https://localhost/graze/v1/createMaintenanceWindow" \
      -H "Content-Type: application/json; charset=UTF-8" -d '{"name":"window1", "description":"window1", \
      "filter": "source = \"server1\" and external_id in (\"value1\", \"value2\", \"value3\")", \
      "start_date_time":1473849237, "duration": 55800, "forward_alerts":false}'

The JSON-formatted filters are still available for use.

[MOOG-5974] - Add a remove method to Moobots

A new 'remove' method equalizes functionality between LAMbot and Moobot 'constants'. Details of the function below:


Removes the value to which the specified key is mapped.

Request Argument

StringThe key with which the value will be removed

Return Parameter

  • Void - no value returned
Please see the following page for details on all the functions available: Constants

[MOOG-6724] - Graze and MoogDb: Equalize methods

The following Graze endpoints are now also available in the Moobot moogdb module:

  • assignAndAcknowledgeAlert(Long alertId, Integer userid) returns boolean
  • assignAndAcknowledgeAlert(Long alertId, String username) returns boolean
  • assignAndAcknowledgeSituation(Long alertId, Integer userid) returns boolean
  • assignAndAcknowledgeSituation(Long alertId, String username) returns boolean
  • createUser(userObj) returns boolean
  • createMaintenanceWindow(maintenanceWindowObj) returns boolean
  • createTeam(teamObj) returns boolean
  • deleteMaintenanceWindow(Long maintenanceWindowId) returns boolean
  • getActiveSituationIds()
  • getAlertids(String query, Integer limit)
  • getMaintenanceWindows(Integer start, Integer limit)
  • getSituationIds(String query, Integer limit)
  • getTeamSituationIds(String teamName, Integer limit)
  • updateTeam(teamObj) returns boolean

Please see the following page for details on all the functions available: MoogDb.V2

[MOOG-6741] - [moobots] REST V2: Default timeout is now 120s

The REST module used in Moobots now has a default timeout of 120s to prevent connections being held indefinitely.

[MOOG-6868] - Moogsoft AIOps logo in product header

The text alongside the in-product header logo has been changed from 'Moogsoft' to 'Moogsoft AIOps'.


[MOOG-6289] - String searches return invalid results

An issue which mean that search queries with more than one term would perform an OR operation instead of an AND operation has been fixed. For example, entering 'hello goodbye' will only match alerts/situations which have both of those terms in one of their fields.

[MOOG-6430] - Descriptions are wrapping to a new line

An issue which caused text to be wrapped in the Alert View has been fixed.

[MOOG-6767] - Private Teams mode: Summary Statistics

An issue that showed incorrect values in the left hand panel if the user was not in 'Private Teams' mode has been fixed.

Additionally, when in 'Private Teams' mode, if a user is not part of any team and doesn't have all_data permission, the left navigation filters (alerts and situations) now display '0' as expected.

[MOOG-6790] - Notifications page styling is broken and settings page is empty

An issue that caused black text on black backgound is now fixed and the 'Hamburger' menu works as expected.

[MOOG-6816] - Logrotate issue on RHEL7 to missing 'su' parameter

An issue which prevented logs from being rotated by the logrotate cronjob on RHEL7 has been fixed.

[MOOG-6831] - $MOOGSOFT_HOME/bin/utils/ fails on distributed v6 upgrade

An issue which prevented the utility from running on a server which only had the moogsoft-db package installed has been fixed.

Upgrade Instructions

Upgrade 6.1.1 Edge to 6.1.2 Edge

Known Issues

Known issues with functionality in this release:

  • [MOOG-4616] - [SERVER] After rotation of the target logfile, the logfile_lam stops reading the target
  • [MOOG-5552] - [UI] Self monitoring tree-view occasional render issue
  • [MOOG-5665] - [UI] Self Monitoring -> Processing Metrics: Cannot distinguish between multiple components of same process type
  • [MOOG-5672] - [SERVER] With Hazelcast enabled, moobot constants cannot use objects as values
  • [MOOG-5741] - [SERVER] Depending on mooms config, moog component "Control" queues spread across Rabbit Cluster on startup - leads to problems if rabbit node (or server) lost
  • [MOOG-5796] - [HA] Not possible to change moogfarmd log level at runtime on passive instance
  • [MOOG-5891] - [UI] In MSEdge, Situation and Alert view context menu option to Copy Cell(s) and Row(s) does not work
    • Workaround: Use the normal keyboard shortcuts for copying text
  • [MOOG-5979] - [Graze] Inconsistency with sitn_id return parameters (for successful requests)
  • [MOOG-4549] - [Graze] Error messages should refer to the correct field name (for unsuccessful requests)
  • [MOOG-6027] - [HA] The asynchronous Persistence Store operations should guarantee that the passed Object will not be concurrently modified
  • [MOOG-6211] - [UI] Unable to scroll to see full situation merge tree in similar sigs
  • [MOOG-6394] - Situation & Alert Details Dialog - does not allow copy / paste

  • [MOOG-6619] - Maintenance Window Manager: On a window's close, modified alerts are not forwarded to a chained moolet (maint thread)

  • [MOOG-6631] - Maintenance Window Manager: If an active window is modified, alerts affected by that window are removed, but not re-evaluated

  • [MOOG-6738] - AIOps collects data at a specific time in each 24 hour period and this may not reflect the highest number or severity of Situations during that period

  • [MOOG-6824] - is missing call to f_set_crontab_env

    • Workaround: Edit crontab using "crontab -e" and add the following lines at the top of the file:

  • [MOOG-6738] - AIOps collects data at a specific time in each 24 hour period and this may not reflect the highest number or severity of Situations during that period

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