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The SolarWinds integration periodically polls SolarWinds Orion for alerts and sends them to Moogsoft AIOps as events.

Refer to the SolarWinds LAM Reference to see the integration's default properties. When you use the integrations UI, you can only configure the visible properties.

If you want to implement a more complex SolarWinds LAM with custom settings, see Configure the SolarWinds LAM.

See the SolarWinds Orion documentation for details on SolarWinds components.

Before You Begin

The SolarWinds integration has been validated with SolarWinds v. 11.5 and v. 12.2. Before you start to set up your integration, ensure you have met the following requirements:

  • You have an active SolarWinds account.
  • You have downloaded and installed Orion SDK on your SolarWinds installation.
  • You have the connection details for your SolarWinds Orion platform (hostname or IP address, username and password)
  • You have opened a port for SolarWinds to receive connections from Moogsoft AIOps. You use this port to configure the Connector URL. The default is 17778. 

Optionally you can provide the following:

  • A request interval and retry interval time in seconds. Defaults to 60 seconds.
  • An overlap time in seconds to ensure Moogsoft AIOp does not miss any valid events. Defaults to 10 seconds.
  • The length of time to wait for a request to complete before timing out. Defaults to 120 seconds.

You can add additional SolarWinds servers to meet your requirements.

Configure the SolarWinds Integration

Configure the SolarWinds integration in Moogsoft AIOps as follows:

  1. Navigate to the Integrations tab.
  2. Click SolarWinds in the Monitoring section.
  3. Provide the connection details to create the integration.

Configure SolarWinds

You do not need to perform any integration-specific steps on your SolarWinds system.

After you complete the SolarWinds integration, Moogsoft AIOps polls SolarWinds every 60 seconds to collect alert data.

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  1. Don't remember my comment for the last Integration doc, but this is awkward. How about something along the lines of: The integrations UI lets you control a certain subset of configuration properties. Refer to SolarWinds LAM reference for more information on the default settings. (and this kinda flows into the next sentence)

  2. What do we mean by complex. How do I decide as a user.

    • If I need to control some setting not in the UI
    • If I need HA (not provided by the UI ha)
    • Other?
  3. periodically polls SolarWinds Orion for alerts?