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You can use the Integrations UI to integrate Moogsoft AIOps with Microsoft Azure using one of the following integrations:

Choose the integration based upon the type of alert you use in Microsoft Azure. The Azure Classic integration applies to the following types of alerts in Azure:

  • alerts (classic)
  • metric alert (classic)

The Azure integration works for Azure Monitor alerts from both Microsoft Azure Cloud and Azure Stack deployments.

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  1. remove? this doesn't make sense

  2. style - not sure we need the quotes here?

  3. In the UI these appear as 'Azure' and 'Azure (Classic)' - I think this should match up with the docs so either the UI or the docs need to change. I think this is a problem with other integrations as well so it could use an overall review.

  4. I specifically asked Pratik and Adam about this.  (sad)