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You can integrate Moogsoft AIOps with the Dynatrace application performance management tool via several mechanisms. The method you choose is dependent upon the details of your Dynatrace and Moogsoft AIOps implementations. The options are:

  • Dynatrace Notification: If you are using Dynatrace SaaS and Moogsoft AIOps SaaS, use the Dynatrace Notification method. It was designed to be used with cloud platforms and is the most effective and efficient integration method for this deployment.

  • Dynatrace APM Plugin: If you are using Moogsoft AIOps SaaS but your Dynatrace implementation is on-premises, we recommend using the Dynatrace APM Plugin method. It uses a push mechanism which sends triggered incidents to Moogsoft AIOps.

  • Dynatrace APM Polling: The Dynatrace APM integration method employs a polling technique which is useful when Dynatrace cannot push events to Moogsoft AIOps due to firewall or security issues. You may therefore want to use this method if you are using Moogsoft AIOps on-premises and Dynatrace SaaS.

  • Dynatrace Synthetic: Use the Dynatrace Synthetic integration method to receive events from Dynatrace Synthetic SaaS.

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  1. apologies this is the other way round.
    your dynatrace is on-prem, your moog is SaaS

  2. where did persistent come from ? was this in the original docs?

  3. if your moog is on-prem, dynatrace can be anywhere provided it is accessible

  4. I think it's best not to mention the deprecation, that's still with Dynatrace to do. 
    can keep this as "To poll events from Dynatrace Synthetic use this integration..."

  5. Pratik Patel No I made it up - is it wrong?

  6. Pratik Patel I don't know what change you are suggesting here?

  7. Pratik Patel Ok. But I need to say why you would choose to, or need to, use this method in preference to the other 3.

  8. I would not put that statement about persistent connection, because I really dont know if dynatrace does that, and they could change it on a whim without us being aware.
    "persistent connection"  may imply things like keep-alive in the http connection, which would be misleading.

  9. I would keep it simple and say it uses a push mechanism to send problems to Moog.

  10. So the reason to use the polling lam is because, Dynatrace cannot push events to Moog (due to firewall/security issues), this is usually the case when Moogsoft is installed on-premise and your Dynatrace is in the cloud.

  11. Ah because they are different types of Events, Dynatrace Synthetic integration is for getting events from Dynatrace Synthetic cloud service, its not an APM offering from Dynatrace.

  12. I don't know if we need the h2s.

    How would this look as a list:

    <link>Dynatrace Notification </link>: If you are using....