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You can integrate with Cherwell Service Management to create and update Cherwell incidents from open Situations.

You can enable auto-assign so new Cherwell incidents created from Moogsoft AIOps are automatically assigned to the logged in user.

See the Cherwell Service Management documentation for information on Cherwell components.

Before You Begin

The Cherwell integration has been validated with Cherwell Service Management v. 9.3. Before you start to set up your Cherwell integration, ensure you have met the following requirements:

  • You have the URL of your Cherwell installation.
  • You know the Cherwell credentials for Moogsoft AIOps to authenticate to Cherwell. The user you are using for authentication is also a customer in Cherwell.
  • You know the API user and the Client REST API key.
  • You know the Business Object Name to map to Situations. For example, "Incident".
  • If you are using auto-assign, the Moogsoft AIOps user accounts map directly to users in Cherwell. The username and full name must have the same value in both systems.

Configure the Cherwell Integration

Configure the Cherwell integration in Moogsoft AIOps as follows:

  1. Navigate to the Integrations tab.
  2. Click Cherwell in the Ticketing section.
  3. Follow the instructions to create an integration name.

Cherwell Configuration

  1. To integrate Cherwell, download the MoogsoftAIOps-Cherwell-Blueprint-1.0.bpp.
  2. Open and publish the blueprint in Cherwell Service Management Administrator.
  3. Launch the Cherwell Service Management console and go to  Settings > Open Stored Values Manager.
  4. Find "MoogsoftAIOpsCherwellEndpoint" under Global, copy the URL from the UI and paste it into the Value field.
  5. Save the changes.

After you complete the Cherwell integration, you can right-click a Situation and select Open Cherwell Incident from the contextual menu. Moogsoft AIOps maintains a link to the Cherwell incident and updates it with your comments and status changes. For more information see Cherwell Workflow.

You may have to wait up to a minute (60 seconds) for the bi-directional endpoint to complete its setup.

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