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Each new user that is created will need to be assigned roles, permissions and teams to define their position within Moogsoft AIOps.

Further information such as personal details, contact details and competencies can also be added for each user.

Click the  icon to show or hide inactive users in the column to the left side of the Users window.

Default Users

By default there are four predefined users: 'System Owner', 'Administrator', 'Moog' and 'Graze API User'. These have the following roles:

System OwnerSuper User
AdministratorSuper User
Graze API UserGrazer
Moog*Super User

*Please note: The 'Moog' is a non-interactive user account that is used by the system for unassigned Alerts and Situations

Creating a New User

To create a new user, click the  Add button in the bottom left corner and fill in the fields under each tab as required:


The user's login name (up to a maximum of 32 characters)
Full nameStringThe full name of the user. This can be the user's first name and surname
Password*StringAn alphanumeric password of the user's choice*
Confirm PasswordStringA confirmation of the chosen alphanumeric password
Primary GroupEnd-User
The Primary Group indicates the user's area of expertise
Department-The Department indicates where the user's knowledge may be helpful
Timezone-This can be used to select a timezone for the user, if it is different to the one from the Moogsoft AIOps system
ActiveBooleanThis indicates if the user is active or not
Session Timeout
  • Use Role Timeout 


The role timeout is default time of 60 minutes (an hour). After which time a user's session will be logged out
Session Timeout
  • Custom Timeout
IntegerThe custom timeout is the user-defined time in which the user's session will be logged out.
This can be anything between the minimum of 60 minutes (an hour) to eight hours. 

*If no password is entered then the user will be created as an LDAP user

Please note: 'Username' and 'Primary Group' are both mandatory so must be populated before the user can be created


EmailStringThe email address of the user
Contact NumberString

A contact number for the user

Please note: The contact number must start with a '+' and the country code. E.g. +1 for US, +44 for UK, +61 for Australia etc.

TwitterStringThe user's Twitter account name/link


AvailableSuper User, Manager, Administrator, Operator, Customer, Grazer, REST LAM Sender

You can multi-select roles by holding Shift or Cmd () and clicking multiple roles. See Roles for more information on the various roles and their corresponding permissions.

If the list is long, type in the search box above to narrow the list, and then click '>' to set the roles for the user. 

>This will add any selected roles
>>This will add all roles
<This will remove any selected roles
<<This will remove all selected roles

Please note: This entry is mandatory so each user must be assigned at least one role before it can be created

Click the Show roles with graze_login permission button to show all roles that can login to the Graze API.


AvailableGeneric (unclassified), Unix (Unix servers), SunOS (Sun Unix servers), Cisco (Cisco servers), SAP (SAP Application Suite), EMC (SAN devices from EMC) and Netapp (NAS devices from Netapp)

Competencies are useful for identifying the best user or team member to assign to Situation. E.g. A Situation with Alerts stemming from a Cisco Server issue should be assigned to users with 'Cisco' listed under their competencies.


Finally add the user to any teams you would like them to be part of.

AvailableThe available teams will depend on how your system has been configured

There will be no teams set up by default. Please see Teams for more information.

When you have finished, click Save Changes to create the User.

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