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Moogsoft has issued the following updates to Moogsoft AIOps 6.5.0. All updates are cumulative and include the fixes from previous releases.

Moogsoft AIOps v6.5.0.7

  • MOOG-11231: A number of changes have been made to improve the functioning of Moogsoft AIOps in distributed environments:
    • Situation data is now saved to the persistence store when the process to create or update a Situation fails.

    • The Message Bus is now resilient to network failure and can recover without losing data during the recovery process.

    • When auto failover is enabled, Moogfarmd can now only become active when there is consensus between RabbitMQ and database failover mechanisms.

    • Moogfarmd no longer ignores Situation Closed messages from the Housekeeper Moolet.
    • State persistence is now enabled by default for all Moolets including Cookbook and it is no longer configurable for individual Moolets. The persist_stateproperty is configurable for all Moolets in $MOOGSOFT_HOME/config/system.conf.
    • A RabbitMQ cluster now automatically handles a network partition, which allows it to synchronize its queue across a cluster.

    • Creating and merging Situations in some rare scenarios no longer produces Situations with a large number of unrelated alerts.

    • The lifespan management of bot modules is now more reliable and less prone to unexpected errors.

    • When the Maintenance Window Manager Moolet is deactivated and then reactivated it no longer loses the details of active maintenance windows.
    • Existing clusters in a Recipe are no longer overridden on failover.
    • Large Situations now log more informative data.

Moogsoft AIOps v6.5.0.6

  • MOOG-11129: An invalid alert filter, for example one containing a'\' character, no longer returns all alerts causing the maintenance window manager to put them all into maintenance mode.
  • MOOG-11114: Processing closed alerts in expired maintenance windows no longer blocks the removal of subsequent alerts from the same window. 

 Moogsoft AIOps v6.5.0.5

  • MOOG-11022: Fixes an issue where moog_farmd process could be slow to start up in systems with a large number of alerts and Maintenance Mode.

  • MOOG-10975: Archived alerts are now removed from maintenance status.

Moogsoft AIOps v6.5.0.4

  • MOOG-10911: When there are overlapping windows, alerts remain in maintenance mode.

Moogsoft AIOps v6.5.0.3

  • MOOG-10828: Alerts in maintenance mode are now correctly reset after a restart.
  • MOOG-10789: Update captured alerts config is now honored after a farmd restart.

Moogsoft AIOps v6.5.0.2

  •  MOOG-10502: Certain alerts are now correctly removed from maintenance windows after the windows have expired

Moogsoft AIOps v6.5.0.1

  • MOOG-10057: Link definitions now render properly when there are multiple definitions

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