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The following operation systems, browsers and third-party software are either supported or are required in order to run Moogsoft AIOps.

Any operating systems and browsers not listed in the sections below are not officially recommended or supported by Moogsoft.

Operating Systems

You can run Moogsoft AIOps on the following versions of Red Hat Enterprise Linux® (RHEL) and CentOS Linux:



v6 and v7


v6 and v7

No other Linux distributions are currently supported


You can use the following browsers for the Moogsoft AIOps UI:












Supported Third-Party Software

The latest default installation of Moogsoft AIOps comes with the following third-party applications:

Apache Tomcat®v8.0.48
MySQL Community Serverv5.7.22
Nginxv1.14.0 or above

Other supported application packages include:

Apache Tomcat® Nativev1.1.34 or above

Integration Support

The following table outlines the vendor supported integrations for the current version of Moogsoft AIOps alongside the corresponding supported software versions:

Integration VersionSupported Software / Version
Apache Kafka Integration v1.6Apache Kafka v0.9, 1.1
Ansible Tower Integration v1.6Ansible Tower v3.0, 3.1
AppDynamics Integration v1.5AppDynamics v4.0, 4.1
AWS CloudWatch Integration v1.6aws-java-sdk v1.11
AWS SNS Integration v1AWS SNS v2016-06-28
CA Nimsoft UIM Integration v1.4CA Nimsoft UIM v8.4
CA Spectrum Integration v1.2CA Spectrum v10.2
Cherwell Service Management Integration v1.3Cherwell v9.3
Datadog Integration v1.6Datadog v5.21
Dynatrace APM Integration v1.8Dynatrace v6.5, 7.0
Dynatrace APM Plugin Integration v1.4Dynatrace v6.5, 7.0
Dynatrace Notification Integration v1.1Dynatrace v6.5
Dynatrace Synthetic Integration v1.5Dynatrace Synthetic v2017
Email Integration v2IMAP, IMAPS, POP3, POP3S
EMC Smarts Integration v1EMC Smarts v9.5
FluentD Integration v1.6FluentD v0.12
Grafana Integration v6.5Grafana v4.6 or above
HP NNMi Integration v2HP NNMi v10.2
HP OMi Integration v1.5HP OMi v10.1
HP OMi Plugin Integration v1.2HP OMi v10.1
JDBC Integration v1JDBC v4.2
JIRA Service Desk Integration v1.1JIRA Service Desk v7.6
JIRA Software Integration v1.1JIRA Software v7
JMS Integration v1.4ActiveMQ v5.14, JBoss v10, WebLogic v12.0
Microsoft SCOM Integration v4.1Microsoft SCOM v2012, 2016
Nagios Integration v2.5Nagios vXI
New Relic Integration v1.7New Relic v2016
New Relic Polling Integration v1New Relic v2.3
Node Red Integration v1.5Nagios Red v016, 017
Node.js Integration v1.6Node.js v1.6
Oracle Enterprise Manager Integration v1.4Oracle Enterprise Manager v12c, 13c
Pingdom Integration v1.5Pingdom v2017
Remedy Integration v1Remedy v9.1
ServiceNow Integration v2.2.4ServiceNow vHelsinki, Istanbul, Jakarta, Kingston
Slack Integration v1Slack v3.1
SolarWinds Integration v2.4SolarWinds v11.5, 12.2
Splunk SaaS Addon Integration v1.8Splunk v6.5, 6.6, 7.0
VMWare vCenter Integration v2VMWare vCenter v6.0, 6.5
VMWare vRealize Log Insight Integration v2VMWare vRealize Log Insight v4.3
VMWare vROps Integration v2VMWare vROps v6.6
VMWare vSphere Integration v2VMWare vSphere v6.0, 6.5
WebSphere MQ Integration v1.6WebSphere MQ v8
xMatters Integration v4xMatters v5.5
Zabbix Integration v2Zabbix v3.2
Zenoss Integration v2Zenoss v4.2
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