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The Cookbook Sigaliser creates Situations in a deterministic way using defined relationships outlined in Recipes.

Cookbook Recipes allows you to control which Alerts are clustered into Situations using Event filtering, rate calculations and flexible similarity comparison. Multiple Recipes can be run concurrently to process the incoming Event stream and produce a variety of Situations.

For more information about the Cookbook concepts see Cookbook Moolet.

Please note: Moogsoft AIOps can run multiple instances of moog_farmd and each moog_farmd can have multiple Cookbooks running


Moogsoft AIOps is pre-configured with the Default Cookbook which is active when it is launched for the first time. 

You can edit the Default Cookbook and its Recipes or create your own by going to System Settings > Sigaliser.

Click the links below for more information on the different Cookbook sections:

Please note: Cookbooks can also be defined and configured via the config file