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What is a Team Room?

The Team Room is the first place you should go for a general overview of the latest Situation activity in your team.

This is where you can discuss issues with Team members and collaborate to find a resolution to Alerts and Situations.

There are two key components to the Team Room screen: Collaborate and Task Board.


The Collaborate tab is where you can view the latest activity and communicate with members of your team to find resolutions to Situations.

Users can post questions, ideas, general comments and attach files that will appear on the Collaborate news feed in chronological order. See Collaborate.

Task Board

The Task Board is a Kanban-style board where you can see an overview of the Team's Situations and their statuses. 

This is a useful screen to see what work you and your teammates have to do. It is also where Administrators can assign Situations to different Users. See Task Board.

Team Insights

Team Insights shows Situation summary data and Situation Severity data from two time frames: the last week and the last day.
Use the drop-down to choose from the last week or the last day. Default is the last week.

Highlight a line in a graph with your mouse pointer. Dots denote data points.

AIOps collects data at a specific time in each 24 hour period and this may not reflect the highest number or severity of Situations during that period