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The Task Board is a Kanban-style board where you can see an overview of the Team's Situations, where they are in the workflow, how much work is in progress and in the queue.

This is a useful screen to see what work you and your teammates have to do. It is also where Administrators can assign Situations to different Users. 

What is a Kanban Board?: A Kanban board is a visualization tool which can be used to see an overview of your workload and optimize the flow of your work.


The Situations will appear in columns arranged in order of status: opened, assigned, in progress and resolved.

Each Situation will appear with a colored pill-shaped marker displaying the Situation ID number, the severity color, the User who is assigned to the Situation, the time the Situation was created, the description and the action that can be performed:

Task Board Flow

If you are a standard operator User, you can perform the following actions to Situations that have been assigned to you:

Assigned ->In Progress ->Resolved

Click Acknowledge to inform others you have seen the Situation and are investigating.

This moves the Situation to In Progress.

Click Resolve when an initial resolution to the Situation or a Resolving Step has been found.

This moves the Situation to Resolved.

Click Close if the resolution fixes the root cause and the moderator or end user is satisfied.

This removes the Situation from the Task Board.

When resolving or closing a Situation, you can give it a Situation Rating and add a journal entry in the pop-up window as normal. Once a Situation is closed, it will not appear on the board.