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What are Situations?

Situations are clusters of Alerts that have been run through one or more of the Sigalisers and grouped together depending on the similarity of their time stamps, language and/or topology.

These can be viewed in filterable lists in the Side Menu, the Search bar and by looking at which Situations are resulting in Impacted Services.

My Situations/ Open Situations Views

The My Situations View displays all of the Situations which have been assigned to you or you have owned.

Please note: You might have received Notifications about any Situations assignments if Notifications are enabled for assignments

Click My Situations in the Side Menu to view all Situations which have been assigned to you. These will be displayed as shown below: 

The Open Situations View displays all open Situations that have been created in AIOps and have yet to be resolved.

It is up to individuals how they prioritise which Situations to deal with first but one option is to deal with the Situation which impacts the highest number of Services. For more information what to do next see Situation Workflow.

Situation View Menu

The View menu can be used to configure which columns are shown in My SituationsOpen Situations or a Situation filter screen.

To see the options, click View in the top right corner of the screen and select the different options in the drop-down menu to enable them.

For more information on the different options see Situation View Menu.

Situation Tools Menu

All other actions that can be performed to a Situation or several Situations can be done using the Tools menu or Right-Click menu.

This can be accessed by clicking Tools or by right-clicking on the Situation list. For more information see Situation Tools Menu.