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All other actions that can be performed to a Situation or group of Situations can be done using the Tools menu or Right-Click menu.

This can be accessed by clicking Tools or by right-clicking on the Situation list.

Select a Situation or multiple Situations by clicking in the checkboxes in the far left column. Next click Tools and select one of the following actions:

Create a Situation-Opens a new pop-up window. From here you can create a new Situation

Filename: String


  • CSV (Comma Separated Values)
  • JSON (JavaScript Object Notation)


  • All Rows
  • Selected Rows
Export a row, multiple selected rows or all rows in CSV or JSON format
Own-Makes you the owner of the selected Situation or Situations
Assign-Enables you to assign the Situation to a User if you have the correct rights
De-Assign-This de-assigns the Situation from its current owner
De-Acknowledge-This de-acknowledges the Situation so it is no longer in progress
Show Details-This opens Situation Details
Tools-This links to any configured Server Tools
Add to Merge...-This adds the selected Situation in a new 'Merge Situations' panel. See Merge Situations
Resolve...-Opens a new pop-up window. From here you can add a Situation Rating and journal entry prior to resolving the Situation*
Close...-Opens a new pop-up window. From here you can add a  Situation Rating and journal entry prior to closing the Situation
Reopen...-This reopens a resolved or closed Situation

*Please note: See Resolving Steps and Resolving a Situation for more information.