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The Timeline offers a powerful graphical view displaying the progression of a Situation with a breakdown of its associated Alerts in the order they occurred alongside key activity markers.

Use the Timeline to analyze the Situation, see how it developed and determine the hotspots where there are higher volumes of more severe Alerts.

Please note: Situation severity is determined by the highest severity of its Alerts

In the example above the Situation is critical because the 4th of six recorded Alerts was critical, which was ultimately the highest severity

Timeline Navigation

There are several components to the Timeline tab which allow you to zoom in on a specific time, view Situation activity and display when Alerts occurred.

Zooming In and Out 

You can zoom in to or out of an area of the timeline using the blue sliders.

To do this, click on the blue bar at either end of the Timeline and pull it left or right to zoom in or out. Alternatively, click Zoom In and Zoom Out or hover your mouse cursor over the timeline and use the mouse-wheel.

Click the Reload button to load any changes that have occurred which should be included in the timeline.

You can also focus on a different set of Alerts by click and dragging the black focus bar and moving it up and down or left and right.

Situation Activity

The Situation Activity panel will show activity markers at times where different things happened following the creation of the Situation.

The number indicates how many Situations activities occurred. Click on any of the activity markers for more details of what happened at that time.

In this example above, the five activities were: the creation of the Situation itself, it impacted the Ops Team, the Situation custom info was changed, 15 further Alerts were added to the Situation and then it was assigned to a User.

The activity marker icons will differ depending on the type of activity that occurred. These are listed below:


Generic activity

Situation created

Moderator activity

Alerts created

Impacted service

Teams activity

Description change

Situation rating added

Situation rating removed

User invitation removed

User invitation sent

Alerts and Event Details 

The Alerts are displayed in graphical form on the bottom of the Timeline tab, with each Alert represented by a rectangular block the color of its severity.

You can view the details of the Events within each Alert by clicking each block. This opens the Event Details window:

Please note: You can open the Alert Details window by clicking the Alert ID

In this example, Alert 94 contains Events 200 and 201 which were detected by a Network Monitor.

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