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What is a Situation Room?

The Situation Room is the virtual meeting place for all users involved in finding the resolution to the Situation and its Alerts.

This is where you will spend the most time when you are investigating the root cause of an incident.

At the top of the Situation Room you can see when it was created, any impacted services, the Alerts it contains and the rating it was given at resolution.

Situation Room Tabs

The Situation Room tabs at the bottom of the screen offer links to the Next Steps, Alerts, Timeline and Collaborate which can be followed in a logical order:

Please note: Additional tabs linking to third-party tools can be added in the form of Situation Room plugins.

1. Next Steps

The Next Steps tab will offer you a suggested action step to take in relation to the Situation.

The suggestion will depend on the status, if it has similar Situations or if there are Resolving Steps. See Next Steps.

2. Alerts

The Alerts tab is useful for looking at the Situation's individual associated Alerts in more detail.

From here you can filter and identify the Alerts of interest and then seek a resolution. See Situation Alerts.

3. Timeline

The Timeline offers a powerful graphical view displaying the progression of a Situation with a breakdown of its associated Alerts in the order they occurred.

Alongside the Alerts, you can also inspect the markers where activity took place. See Situation Timeline.

4. Collaborate

The final step is to collaborate with other users by looking at the comments and talking to colleagues.

The ultimate goal is to find a way to resolve the Alerts and subsequently the Situation. See Situation Collaborate.

Other Situation Room Actions

There are a number of other actions that can be performed using the Tools and More Actions drop-down menus on the top bar of the Situation Room.

For more information about these menus and other actions that can be performed see Other Actions.