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A listener that will ingest Pingdom notifications.

Configure a notification in Pingdom that will forward to your Moogsoft AIOps instance.

Pingdom Webhooks do not allow for authentication options, this Moogsoft AIOps LAM will be listening without requiring password authentication

Configuring Pingdom

  1. Create a 'Webhook' Integration from the cog on the top right of the Pingdom UI:
  2. Paste the URL provided in the Moogsoft AIOps integration screen for Pingdom, into the URL text box.
  3. Check the active checkbox.
  4. Connect the notification to a check by adding it to the bottom of the 'Other' tab.
  5. Remember to check the box to the left of the integration to activate it.

Optionally press Test to send a sample event to Moogsoft AIOps. You should see an alert with the host of

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